Man arrested after Shiney Row gas evacuation

Police tape off Mill Terrace in Shiney Row.
Police tape off Mill Terrace in Shiney Row.
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A MAN has been arrested after homes in Shiney Row were evacuated.

Northern Gas Network engineers and fire engines were on hand at the scene and Mill Terrace was closed between Shiney Row roundabout and its junction with Thirlmere Close.

Residents of up to 15 homes were evacuated to nearby pubs.

Sarah Smith, landlady of The Wheatsheaf pub, next to the cordon, said police had asked her to take in evacuated residents.

“All we were told was there was a suspected gas leak and were we able to provide shelter for anybody that might be evacuated?

“There have been rumours about what is happening.”

Thirty-four-year-old Sean Wilkinson was sheltering in the pub alongside children Chloe, 12, Thomas, eight, and five-year-old Dylan.

Police had in initially come to the house at around 1.30pm, he said.

“We were told we had to stay in the house,” he said.

“Then they came back at about 3pm and told us we had to leave.

“I am a diabetic – they won’t let me back into the house to get my insulin, but thankfully one of the lads from Northern Gas said he would take me to the walk-in centre if needs be.

“the kids have been fine and they have looked after us very well here. Everyone is helping out.”

Forty-seven-year-old Albie Cullen said: “I only finished work at six this morning, then we were told to leave the house about one o’clock.

“We came out into the street and the coppers said ‘You’ve got to go this way or that way.’

“I’ve got two dogs, they have been sat in the house since half past one this afternoon. I can’t feed them, can’t see to them.

“They are just sat there until we are told we can go back.”

Police confirmed shortly before 7pm that the stand-off had been safely resolved and residents were being allowed to return to their homes.

A 43-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance.