Man admits holding the knife which killed a dad on Father’s Day

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A MAN on trial for murder admitted it was a knife held in his hand that caused the death of a dad in Fence Houses.

But Nicholas Warrender said he did not know the fatal wound had been inflicted and he told jurors he had not intended to harm anyone on the night of the killing.

Warrender went on to tell Newcastle Crown Court at the trial yesterday that he was “devastated” when he found out Kevin Gaunt had died.

Prosecutors claim Warrender, 23, stabbed Mr Gaunt, 52, during a doorstep confrontation after a family row in June.

Warrender, who was Mr Gaunt’s step-daughter’s boyfriend, said the deadly injury must have been caused when he was defending himself after being attacked.

Warrender said he had been holding a steak knife he was using to eat an apple when Mr Gaunt punched him to the ground.

He told jurors: “He punched me, to the left eyebrow.

“It knocked me to the floor and I landed on my right arm. I saw him coming towards me and I was trying to get back up.

“As I was getting up I tried to push him out of my way.

“It was just to make sure he didn’t hit me again, to get him away from me.

“I didn’t have any intentions to hurt anybody.”

Toby Hedworth QC, defending Warrender, asked him: “It is apparent that he met his death because of a knife in your hand?”

Warrender replied: “yes.”

Warrender said he found out Mr Gaunt had died when his solicitor told him, after his arrest.

He said: “I got told off my solicitor. I asked if he was OK and he told me he was dead.

“I was devastated when I got told what happened.”

Warrender, of Avenue Vivian, Fence Houses, denies murder.