Machete-wielding jealous boyfriend threatened man in Sunderland hairdresser’s

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A HAIR salon customer had a close shave after he was chased by a jealous boyfriend wielding a machete.

Callum Steven Gardener lay in wait outside the Sunderland hairdresser’s where his girlfriend Ashley Hicks worked.

The 18-year-old aimed to confront Maruf Sultan, who he believed had been flirting with the stylist.

When Mr Sultan turned up for a haircut, Gardener pulled out the blade and ran at his terrified victim, forcing him to take cover inside the Eden Vale shop.

Gardener fled after the incident on Monday, but was arrested soon afterwards, held overnight and put before city magistrates yesterday.

The horticulture student admitted assault and possession of an offensive weapon.

Prosecutor Lee Poppett told the court that Mr Sultan went to Envy hair and beauty salon, in Eden Terrace, off Durham Road, for an appointment at 11.30am.

As he approached, he noticed Gardener behind some railings and heard him shout: “Are you the one who’s been talking to our lass?”

Mr Poppett added: “Gardener jumped over the railings, lifted up his T-shirt to reveal he was carrying a machete around some 20 inches long and with a blade some six inches wide.

“Gardener said, ‘Are you the one that been texting her?’, referring to Ashley Hicks, Mr Sultan’s hairdresser.

“Mr Sultan said he was texting a girl by the name of Ashley, but she informed him some time ago her boyfriend had found out about the texts and the texts had stopped.”

Fearing he was going to be stabbed, Mr Sultan ran into the salon and called police.

Defending, Jason Smith claimed Gardener decided to take matters into his own hands after finding out Mr Sultan had been texting Miss Hicks for weeks, despite being allegedly sent replies to stop.

He added: “With the benefit of hindsight, having spent 24 hours in custody, he accepts that it was grossly senseless and stupid.

“But at no point does he threaten him or suggest that he is going to kill him.”

Magistrates ordered Gardener, of The Hollow, Jarrow, to be remanded in custody until he could be sentenced by a judge at Newcastle Crown Court.

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