Machete, swords and a condom among bizarre items handed to Sunderland police lost property

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DOGS, a lawnmower, two swords and a condom were among the more bizarre items of lost property handed in to police this year.

A Freedom of Information request by the Echo has revealed 11 knives and a machete have also been handed in at Sunderland city centre’s Gilbridge police station since January.

Northumbria Police were not able to confirm what has since happened to the swords or the machete.

They did, however, say there was no reason such an item could not be returned to its owner should they came to claim it.

Each instance, they said, is treated on a case-by-case basis, given it is not illegal for indivuals to own the weapons.

More traditional items of lost propoerty dominate the list, with 31 keys and 50 mobile phones given in, along with 54 bank cards.

Police have also processed three dogs, a lawn mower and a condom!

Seven bicycles have been found, along with a golf club and a single ski. Tools have also been handed in with some regularity, with a number of hammers and screwdrivers appearing on the list.

Sunderland Chief Inspector Peter Fay said: “The vast majority of items handed into police are those items which we all lose from time to time; car keys, wallets, mobile phones.

“Other items are handed in after being dug up on allotments or in gardens, or found in attics when people move house.

“Very little police time is required to deal with such items, but of course that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t take care of their property.

“If items remain unclaimed they are disposed of appropriately, in cases involving metal they can be disposed of as scrap.

“When animals are brought in we contact either a relevant charity or the local authority.”

Top 10 lost items:

1. Bank cards (54)

2. Mobile phones (50)

3. Cash (41)

4. Driving licences (37)

5. Wallets (33)

6. Keys (31)

7. Passports (20), Purses (20)

9. Bags (14)

10. Knives (11)