Love rat conned lover out of £20k – then scammed police to escape twice

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A LOVE-RAT on the run after a £20k fraud has twice duped police into letting him go by claiming to be seriously ill.

Conman Adam Lloyd-Harris failed to appear at court to be sentenced after defrauding £20,000 out of a trainee Wearside paramedic who had fallen in love with him.

A warrant was issued for his arrest, but the 32-year-old has slipped through the net despite being arrested twice, by convincing police he has kidney failure. At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday, Judge Paul Sloan issued a third warrant for his arrest and said he police must bring him before the court “full stop”.

Prosecutor John Brennan told the court: “Every time he gets locked up he tells the police he is ill and they keep releasing him.”

Mr Brennan told the court he has personally spoken to Lloyd-Harris’s doctor who last saw him just last month - who confirmed the fugitive is “extremely well.”

Lloyd-Harris, of Newark Close, Peterlee, admitted theft and fraud in December 2011.

Mr Brennan said: “They were charges against a young lady who had the misfortune of basically falling in love with him.

“She, at the time, was a paramedic, training at university.”

During the course of seven months, Lloyd-Harris plundered almost £20,000 of the Wearside woman’s savings.

The court heard the fraudster was due to be sentenced in March last year but a warrant was issued when he did not turn up.

Since then he has been arrested twice by police in Nottingham - who let him go each time.

He was arrested on New Years’ Eve, and he managed to persuade the police authorities and force medical examiner he was seriously ill with a medical problem associated with kidney disease and he was released.

The court heard within days of Lloyd-Harris being released in Nottingham ,the prosecution authorities in Newcastle applied to the crown court for a second warrant.

Mr Brennan added: “The warrant was executed on January 9 and it was the same story, he told the nurse he had renal failure and she asked the sergeant to release him.”

Mr Brennan applied for a third warrant to be issued yesterday, which was granted by Judge Paul Sloan

He said he had spoken to a consultant who confirmed Lloyd-Harris has a condition which can cause blood to be passed in the urine.

But he added: “This can be caused by many things. He is not suffering from kidney failure.

“The doctor last saw him on January 22 and said he was extremely well with hardly any pain.

“Surprisingly he brought a baby along to the appointment, which you would not expect from a person who was very ill.”

Judge Sloan said: “A bench warrant is to be issued today and he is to be brought directly to this crown court, full stop.”

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