Loud music sparked attack on neighbour

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A ROW over loud music ended when a woman attacked her neighbour.

Several complaints were made about Emma Dempster holding noisy parties in her home, Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard.

“Miss Dempster and her victim met by chance outside the property,” said Paul Anderson, prosecuting.

“It appears the victim told Dempster to get a grip, to which Dempster replied: ‘I will get a grip of you’.

“A fight ensued in which both women ended up on the ground.”

Dempster, 27, of Southwick Road, Sunderland, admitted assault by beating on March 13.

She told police there were parties between Christmas and New Year, but the music was not loud.

Tony Southwick, defending, said in: “Ms Dempster stopped holding the parties when she realised there was a problem.

“There were several anonymous complaints of noise, but some of these were supposed to have happened at a time when Ms Dempster was away on holiday.

“The confrontation was unpleasant, both women were pulling each other’s hair.

“Ms Dempster struck out in a bid to get the other woman off her.

“It was a case of over enthusiastic self-defence.”

Dempster was sentenced to a 12-month supervision order and 110 hours of community work.

She was also ordered to pay £360 in compensation and costs.