Life for Sunderland sadist who tortured cellmate and slashed mother’s face

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A SADIST who tried to murder his cellmate in a torture attack while being held in prison for slashing his mother’s face, has been jailed for life.

Steven Hanson used a knife to cause two deep wounds running from Michelle Hanson’s nose to ear, in an inexplicable knife attack that left her needing more than 70 stitches.

While the 22-year-old was being held in HMP Durham, he tried to cut Steven Lindsay’s throat, frantically stabbed him in the head and body then poured boiling water over his wounds.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday Hanson, from Sunderland, was told he must serve a minimum of 15 years behind bars before he can even be considered for release.

Mr Justice Openshaw said Hanson may never be considered safe enough to be allowed back on the streets.

The judge said the injuries to Mrs Hanson were “horrifying” and that the attack on Mr Lindsay had “elements of sadism” and was “outrageous, ruthless, determined and sustained”.

The court heard Hanson has shown no regret or remorse for what he did and has no empathy for either victim.

The judge said: “It is, to my mind, obvious the defendant is dangerous.

“No-one can predict when, if ever, the defendant can safely be released.

“The sentence is, and remains, a sentence of imprisonment for life.

“It is not a sentence of only 15 years. The defendant will serve at least 15 years and even then he will be released only if the parole board considers that he no longer presents a continuing risk to the public.

“Even if he is released he will be subject to licence for the rest of his life.

“Many defendants serving life sentences are detained after their tariffs have expired, some are never released.”

Psychiatrists have concluded Hanson suffers from a significant personality disorder as a result of “childhood adversity”.

Medics agree Hanson poses a risk of further, possibly homicidal, offending.

Hanson pleaded guilty to wounding his mother with intent and attempted murder of Mr Lindsay.

Prosecutor Christopher Tehrrani, QC, told the court the attack on Mrs Hanson, 39, happened as she and others were walking him to the Metro station, close to her Sunderland home, after they had spent the day together on May 31, last year.

Mr Tehrrani said Mrs Hanson had noticed her son was carrying a bottle during the journey.

He added: “After saying something to his mother, he struck her on the forehead with the bottle.

“Fortunately, the bottle did not break.

“When recovering from the blow, she felt two sharp scratches across her face and saw blood.

“According to eyewitnesses, she was slashed across the face twice by the defendant.”

Hanson was being held on remand at Durham Prison’s C Wing when he tried to kill his cellmate Mr Lindsay.

Mr Lindsay received multiple, deep slash wounds while Hanson shouted he was going to kill him.

The court heard Hanson smashed the television in the shared cell and used that, along with his home-made knives, as a weapon to cut Mr Lindsay.

When guards came to the cell door after hearing Mr Lindsay’s pleas for help, Hanson told them: “I can’t calm down. I not going to calm down. I’m going to kill him. Hanson covered him in shower gel.

“Once the water in the kettle was boiled, Hanson shouted ‘I’m giving him a wash’ and poured boiling water down his back, neck and head.”