Lap dance club bouncer split customer’s head

Little Black Book in Vine Place.
Little Black Book in Vine Place.
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A BOUNCER who used brute force to eject a customer from a lap dancing club has been told by a judge he was lucky not to have killed his victim.

Keith Robertson can be seen on CCTV harmlessly enjoying himself at the Little Black Book bar in Sunderland before he was roughly manhandled out for no reason by doorman Christopher Brown.

CCTV footage shows the stunned Mr Robertson, who was on a night out with a pal, being forced down a steep set of stairs before being flung head first into metal railings outside.

The force of the impact caused an eight-inch wound on Mr Robertson’s forehead that was “down to the bone” and has left him scarred for life.

A friend of Mr Robertson who was out with him that night said he had noticed the doorman “staring” before he pounced for no reason.

Mr Robertson, who works as a retail security officer, said in a victim impact statement: “The hospital told me I was very lucky. They expected my skull to be fractured but it wasn’t, likewise with brain injury.”

Brown, of Gladstone Terrace, Mount Pleasant, Houghton, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding.

Prosecutor Jacqueline Wilkinson told the court: “He was providing a service to the public.

“The public would expect to be protected by him from others attacking, rather than be attacked.

“I would suggest this was an abuse of power on his part because of the role he undertook in that club.”

Judge Penny Moreland said Mr Robertson has been left “permanently disfigured” and told Brown: “You are lucky you are not facing much more serious charges because you could have killed him causing a head injury like that.

“You were employed to ensure good order in the club and not to perpetrate acts of violence such as this.”

The judge said Brown’s 12-month prison sentence could be suspended for 12 months with 200 hours’ unpaid work and £1,000 compensation.

The judge said it was a “very, very close run thing” but Brown’s previous positive character, guilty plea and remorse meant the suspension of the jail term was possible.

Vic Laffey, defending, said Brown, who is “devastated” by what he did, quit his job at the club and now works at a call centre.

Mr Laffey said: “He has misinterpreted or misheard something that has been said then acted completely out of character.”

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