Knifeman threatened to 'chop up' love rival restaurant worker at Mumbai Silk in Sunderland

A man who armed himself with a kitchen knife for a confrontation with a love rival has been put behind bars.

Friday, 9th August 2019, 3:48 pm
Updated Friday, 9th August 2019, 4:51 pm
Amir Hussain
Amir Hussain

Amir Hussain, 24, had warned "I'm gong to chop you up" before he turned up outside the victim's workplace at Mumbai Silk Indian restaurant in Sunderland in May.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Hussain "ran towards" his rival with the weapon, which had a 10-inch blade, in a bid to "scare" him.

Hussain, of Lindsay Place, Hendon, Sunderland, admitted having an offensive weapon and has been jailed for 146 days.

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The case was heard at Newcastle Crown Court.

Judge Jeremy Freedman told him: "It may be that you took the knife in order to frighten him but the reality is when anyone arms themselves with a knife and confronts a person there is a significant risk that, in the heat of the moment, the knife could be used.

"That is why court have to be tough on what is now known as knife crime.

"The moment anyone arms themselves with a knife, there is a very serious risk of serious injury being caused by the use of that knife."

Prosecutor Jenny Haigh told the court Hussain was in a relationship with his victim's ex girlfriend and on the day of the offence had warned him during a phone call: "I swear by Allah I'm going to stab you, I'm going to chop you up and put a knife through your leg."

Later that day, the victim saw Hussain, driving his silver Audi A1, when he was on his way to work at the restaurant.

Miss Haigh added: "The complainant was in work for about 20 minutes and became worried something might happen to his car. He obtained permission to go outside and move it.

"When he went outside he saw the defendant. He was in possession of a large kitchen knife, which had been wrapped in cloth.

"He said he then ran towards him with the knife. The complainant said hew as fearful for his own safety.

"He ran into the restaurant and held the door."

The victim said in statement: "It has left me in fear.

"I can't believe he actually turned up with a knife. I believe he would have used it if he got near me.

"He actually left the house with a knife to come looking for me, that has scared me a lot."

Lewis Kerr, defending, said Hussain, who has a previous conviction for having a hammer in public, behaved in a "hot headed way" to frighten the victim.

Mr Kerr said Hussain had wanted to protect his partner.