Jury shown CCTV from station

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AN inquest jury saw the last living moments of a man who died in police custody.

The 35 minutes of footage was taken from a CCTV camera in the van docking area of Peterlee police station.

It showed Leonard McCourt pulled out and put in the recovery position on the ground.

Mr McCourt had been arrested outside his home in Ash Crescent, Seaham, and taken to Peterlee police station, where he died of heart failure.

Pc Richard Clark, who drove the van, said: “When I removed Mr McCourt from the van he was still breathing.

“At that time I thought he was asleep. I’ve arrested many people who have had a drink and a lot are asleep when they reach the station.”

When asked why he could be seen on the footage apparently standing around doing very little, Pc Clark said: “It’s easy to say things when you know what happened. At that time Mr McCourt was still breathing and I knew the ambulance was on its way.”