Judge tells Sunderland stolen DVDs woman to wise up

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A WOMAN who was caught with stolen DVDs has been given a chance to show “wisdom”.

Sophie Sanderson, from Sunderland, was caught with the films, which were shoplifted from Argos in Sunderland on March 18.

The 20-year-old, who lives in a hostel in the city’s Toward Road, appeared at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court, where she pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods and stealing a microphone from Sunderland’s YMCA.

Brian Chapman, defending, said: “Unfortunately, like many of the people who take up residence in Toward Road, she is someone without parental guidance.

“I don’t think custody would serve any worth whatsoever. I think the problem with her is that she is allowed to follow her own devices and she has no direction in her life. I think prison would just sink her further into the mire in which she finds herself.”

Magistrates gave Sanderson a 16-week prison sentence, suspended for six months.

Chairman of the bench George Brown said: “This is your last chance and no matter how much sympathy the court may have with you, because of your difficulties at home, you have to do something now, or your life will go downhill.

“Do you know what your name means, Sophie? It means wisdom and you have shown no wisdom today.”