Jilted boyfriend burned ex-girlfriend’s clothes in street – then posted video on Facebook

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A jilted ex took his anger out by setting fire to his former partner’s clothes in the street and posting a video of it online.

Steven Fisher, 43, also helped himself to a number of credit cards in his ex-girlfriend’s name, admitting six fraud charges and asking for a further nine to be taken into consideration.

A court heard Fisher published the video of the blaze he set outside the matrimonial home in Manila Street, Grangetown on Facebook.

The victim became aware of what he had done when a mutual friend spotted the footage, and police were alerted, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Prosecutor John McGlone said the 11-year relationship ended in November due to domestic violence and she had left some of her belongings behind at the house they shared in Manila Street, Sunderland, which is still in joint names.

“On Sunday, March 8, at 9.59am she became aware by a friend of a video posted on Facebook of him setting fire to various of clothing outside a property in Manila Street,” Mr McGlone said.

When police arrived they came across the remains of the fire in the street outside. The victim told officers she had left a number of credit cards in the house, including a platinum visa card she had never used herself.

However, on February 20 she received a statement showing £354.78 had been spent on it.

Officers searched the property and found the card along with three others in his ex-partner’s name.

One of the cards had four separate transactions carried out without the victim’s knowledge. Fisher, of Manila Street, Grangetown, admitted arson and six counts of fraud by false representation.

He also asked for nine further offences of fraud to be taken into consideration when sentenced.

Ian Hodgson, defending, said Fisher denies there was violence in the relationship.

“When the relationship broke down he unfortunately took it very, very badly,”

Mr Hodgson said his client turned to alcohol and was unable to continue working as a mechanic.

He was short of cash and used her credit cards for everyday essentials.

When a third party walked into a pub where he was drinking and asked him to hand over his nine-year-old daughter’s trombone, he was angered that his ex had not come to him herself, Mr Hodgson said, and so he set fire to her clothes.

“He said he did it to shame her and had put it on Facebook, as people seem to do these days.

“They had blocked each other, but one of her friends showed her and she called police.”

Fisher was sentenced to a 12-month community order with a 25-day domestic violence programme.

He was told to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £709.69 in compensation.

Magistrates also made a one-year restraining order, to stop him contacting his ex-partner, save for child care arrangements.