Jailed: Yobs who threatened to cripple victim in brick attack at Sunderland home

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TWO yobs have been jailed for a vicious attack on a man after he caught them kicking and hammering a neighbour’s door.

Steven Andrews went outside to confront Reece Barnes and Thomas Brown after hearing the noise at about 5.30am on April 2 this year.

But the pair turned on him, punching and kicking him and throwing bricks at him.

They even threatened to cripple him, stab him, torch his house and throw ammonia over him.

Barnes, 23, and Brown, 24, were both jailed for 16 months after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage in relation to the door, which cost £50 to replace.

Barnes, of Finchale Close, Hendon, also admitted common assault after pushing a man over in February this year.

Barnes and Brown, of Wraith Terrace, Ryhope, were subject to community orders at the time of the offence.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how Mr Andrews was asleep with his wife when they heard a noise outside their home in Tunstall Vale, Sunderland, and saw Barnes and Brown attacking the door.

Lee Fish, prosecuting, said: “Steven Andrews went outside to confront the defendants. It was his intention to tell the males to clear off.

“As he went outside, both defendants immediately came towards him.

“Punches were thrown at him and they connected with the left hand side of his face.

“Then Mr Barnes approached him and kicked him to the side of his lower back then punched him to the right side of his head.

“Both defendants then went on to throw a brick at Mr Andrews. One of the bricks connected with his left thigh and the other one connected with his shin of his left leg, causing tissue damage.

“They threatened to torch his house, they said they were going to cripple him and stab him and spray him with ammonia. While this was going on, Mr Andrews’s wife was still in the house. She contacted the police and both defendants were quickly arrested.”

In a victim statement read out in court, Mr Andrews said: “I am very shocked by this incident. When I think about it, I was very foolish to contact these males. They didn’t have any problem injuring me.

“The threats they both made are very concerning and I fear for my property.”

Tom Moran, defending Barnes, said: “He lacks emotional maturity and has had nothing by the way of parental guidance. He does struggle to remember what he did.”

Alec Burns, defending Barnes, said: “He had been drinking, this is not an excuse, it is what happened.

“Prior to this incident, he had realised his drinking was an problem and attended five or six appointments.

“He had started to address the issues but he failed on this particular day.”

Jailing the pair, Judge Brian Forster QC told Barnes and Brown: “Offences of this type cannot be tolerated.”