JAILED: Woman who threw scalding water at boyfriend’s genitals

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A SCORNED woman who scalded the boyfriend she accused of sleeping with her daughter has been jailed.

Helen Corbett, from Sunderland, has been jailed after throwing a kettle of boiling water at her boyfriend’s genitals.

The scorching liquid missed Peter Bailey’s private parts but hit his thigh, causing skin to peel off his leg, and leaving him scarred.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Corbett attacked Mr Bailey after hearing rumours he had slept with her 24-year-old daughter, Crystal.

Corbett had been released on bail after pleading guilty to causing grievous bodily harm at Newcastle Crown Court.

She had been told if she could find somewhere to live and keep away from Mr Bailey, she may get a suspended prison sentence.

However within a day of her release she had lost her accommodation and went back to her former home with Mr Bailey, the court heard.

Judge John Evans said he had no choice but to lock her up for 15 months.

The judge said: “There’s no point releasing her if she is going to be arrested, as she already has been.

“If she’s not going to help herself then the court can’t help her.”

Susan Hirst, defending, said: “After she was granted bail she had contact with Mr Bailey, of Gateshead.

“There was going to be an application for a restraining order but in fact he told the defendant he didn’t want a restraining order.

“I can foresee problems, the relationship is clearly unhealthy.”

The court heard alcoholic Corbett, 45, had heard rumours Mr Bailey was sleeping with her daughter.

Neil Pallister, prosecuting, told the court on the last occasion: “The defendant was angry with him because she believed he had slept with her daughter.

“He doesn’t say whether or not that was the case. He was in the doorway, she was shouting at him. He heard the kettle click.

“She said ‘I will show you how mad I am’, picked up the kettle, and threw boiling water towards him. He recalls she was aiming for his groin.”

Corbett, formerly of Norfolk Street in Sunderland, was living with Peter at the time of the attack.