Jailed: Thug who attacked girlfriend and threatened to cut her hands off with scissors

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A THUG who attacked his girlfriend and sent her a text containing a picture of a knife with the message “that would look lovely in your neck” has been jailed.

Robert Tullick was also ordered to stay away from his victim for life after being put behind bars for two years.

It is quite clear from the victim impact statement she expresses fear she might be killed.

Mr Recorder William Low, judge

The 24-year-old told the woman he would cut off her hands with scissors before stamping on her head after pushing her down the stairs.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the fall down the stairs, on November 1, left the victim with a bleeding nose and grazed forehead.

But within hours of the teatime attack at his home, 24-year-old Tullick turned up at the woman’s door to apologise - and ended up pulling her to the floor and threatening to burn down her house when further trouble erupted.

The court heard in the following days, the victim received 33 texts in the space of just 22 hours, which contained a series of threats of violence and even death.

One terrifying text was a picture message of a nine-inch knife placed on Tullick’s thigh, with the caption “that would look lovely in your neck”.

In a victim statement, the woman said she was “in fear” that her boyfriend of seven months would carry out his threats to kill her.

She told police: “I can’t sleep for any length of time, I keep thinking about the treats made to me.

“I strongly believe he is more than capable of carrying out his threats.”

Tullick, of Claxheugh Road, South Hylton, Sunderland, admitted assault, threats to cause damage, assault by beating and harassment.

Mr Recorder William Lowe jailed him for two years and ordered him to stay away from his victim for life.

The judge said: “It is quite clear from the victim impact statement she expresses fear she might be killed.

“The first offence was a persistent attack, there was apparently a half-joking suggestion that you would cut her hands off with scissors.

“Whatever happened at that stage, she ended up with scratches across her hand.

“She stood up to leave and you pushed her onto the bed and she went to the floor.

“She got to the hallway and at that stage you pushed her down a flight of stairs. She banged her head on the stairs.

“Not content with that, you went down and stamped on her head, with a shod foot, and punched her in the face.”

Jamie Adams, defending, said Tullick had been self medicating his depressive illness by taking alcohol and illegal drugs but since his remand in custody has been prescribed proper medication.

Mr Adams said Tullick has passed NVQ qualifications in custody.

Mr Adams added: “He feels better than he has done in many years, it seems to have done him a lot of good.”