Jailed: Sunderland 999 pest who made suicide threats

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A PERSISTENT 999 caller has been jailed for 16 weeks.

Ian Parkin was told by Sunderland Magistrates his sentence could not be suspended because of his previous convictions for making malicious 999 calls.

Ian Parkin 999 nuisance

Ian Parkin 999 nuisance

Prosecutor Paul Anderson told the court Parkin was drunk when he committed his latest offence.

“He rang the police from a phone box in Mowbray Road,” said Mr Anderson. “He told an officer he was going to kill himself and had a knife to do it.

“The call was traced and Parkin was arrested.

“It was plain to police he had taken a great deal to drink.

“Anderson himself accepted that, saying on a scale of drunkenness from one to 10, he was eight.

“He also accepted he had no knife.’

Parkin, 32, of Hudson Road, Hendon, admitted making a malicious phone call on September 28.

He admitted criminal damage on October 10.

“The damage offence relates to Lloyds Pharmacy in Tatham Street,” added Mr Anderson. “Parkin had been at a friend’s house nearby.

“He left, and once outside picked up half a brick which was near a wall.

“Parkin threw the brick at the pharmacy window, breaking the outer pane of the double glazing.”

Chris Wilson, defending, conceded Parkin has a bad record for making nuisance 999 calls and other offences.

“Prison has been tried with this man,” said Mr Wilson. “It has been shown not to work.

“More recently Mr Parkin has been engaging with the Probation Service. It may be the penny is finally dropping that he needs to change his ways and get on the right side of the law.

“Deferring sentence would be an exceptional course, but it would give him six months to prove he can continue to behave himself.”

The bench imposed eight weeks in prison from a previous suspended sentence for making malicious 999 calls, and added another eight weeks for the latest offence, making a total of 16 weeks in prison.