Jailed: Pervert who planned to record himself having sex with girls is caught in an undercover police sting

Thomas Alderson has been jailed at Newcastle Crown Court
Thomas Alderson has been jailed at Newcastle Crown Court

A pervert who planned to record himself having sex with two sisters aged just eight and 11 was caught in a covert police sting.

Grandfather Thomas Alderson believed he was having text conversations with with a paedophile dad he met on a TV dating site, who was willing to let his young daughters be raped.

Alderson,a self confessed "swinger" with an addiction to cocaine, had wanted to drug the young girls with "poppers", use sex toys and have sex which he would video on his phone.

But Newcastle Crown Court heard the 47-year'old, of Coalbank Road, Hetton, was actually communicating with an undercover Metropolitan Police officer involved in an operation to snare paedophiles.

When Alderson believed the dad "Kev" was about to knock on the door and deliver the young sisters from London to be used as he wanted, he was confronted by the police who arrested him.

Officers found a bag of sex toys on the kitchen table in the house Alderson was staying at as well child DVDs showing shocking child abuse, which included the rape of a baby.

Alderson pleaded guilty to attempting to arrange or facilitate the commission of a child sex offence and possessing indecent photographs of children.

Judge Penny Moreland jailed him for five years and said he must sign the sex offenders register and abide by a sexual harm prevention order for life.

The judge said: "It is quite apparent, in the conversations before the meeting was due to take place, you intended to have sexual intercourse and with both of those girls, who you believed to be aged eight and 11.

"I detect no reluctance at all in the transcripts of the conversations.

"You expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for the activities you described.

"When police arrived they found carrier bags containing sex toys, which had been described, and a bottle of poppers, which I am satisfied you intended to use in your activities with these two girls.

"The contents of the carrier bags are clear evidence of your intentions.

"No child was harmed or indeed at risk of harm because this was an undercover officer in contact with you."

The court heard images of children being abused were found on discs as well as on Alderson's phones and computer.

The judge told him: "All of those children, whose images you collected, were real children. All of those things happened to little girls for you to collect and view for your pleasure."

The court heard Alderson had started chatting to the undercover officer in July last year through an advert on a television channel.

After some initial conversations about naturism, his chats with "Kev" took a deeply sinister turn.

There were discussions about meeting in London or at a half way point such as Nottingham.

During the conversations, Alderson outlined in graphic, sickening detail what he wanted to do to the little girls.

He described a collection of toys including handcuffs and leg straps, which he could use.

When the undercover officer said the youngest child liked the film Frozen, Alderson asked if she would be "okay" with full sex.

The court heard when Alderson expected to turn up at the door, he was confronted by the police.

Prosecutor Julie Clemitson told the court: "He was arrested at the time he expected Kev and his two daughters would be walking from the car to his front door.

"The items he described in the conversations, the toys, were in fact present in a carrier bag on the kitchen table, along with a number of DVDs, some of which contained indecent images of children."

The court heard the collection of over 500 indecent images were in still picture and movie form and some were of the most serious categories.

Robin Patton, defending, said Alderson used the TV channel to meet other swingers and had been due to meet a couple for sex the following evening.

Mr Patton said Alderson had not been searching for children on the site.

He added: "He, in his lonely hours, had been abusing himself with alcohol and cocaine, he became addicted to cocaine and would set there, living in a fantasy world."

Mr Patton added: "He has ruined his whole life with this.

"He said he never, ever would have gone through with any of this. He has never actually placed a hand on anyone."