JAILED: ‘Dangerous’ Sunderland robber who preyed on lone women in Newcastle

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A ROBBER out on parole from a life sentence is back behind bars after targeting two lone women.

Keith Baff, pictured, armed himself with a knife to prey on two victims who he ordered to hand over cash and phones, after being released by the parole board.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday the 45-year-old, of Argyle Square, Sunderland, was jailed for eight years.

Judge Brian Forster, QC, branded him a “danger” and said his sentence will be extended with a further five-year licence period.

Judge Forster told him: “Your circumstances are very serious because you have repeatedly appeared before the court for offences of robbery, and at the present time you are subject to a sentence of life imprisonment.”

“You were released by the parole board and went on to commit the present offences.

“In my judgement you targeted lone females.

“You had a knife in your possession so you could threaten them and you seized the opportunity to attack vulnerable people, in cicumstances where you terrified them and threatened to stab them.

“Offences of this type are such that the courts must impose serious punishment.

“It is necessary to punish you for what you did and it is necessary to deter anyone else who might feel inclined to commit a similar offence.”

The judge said “serious psychological injury” was caused to the victims, who were both ordered to hand over cash and phones during the separate incidents in the Jesmond area of Newcastle although only one complied.

Judge Forster told Baff: “I am satisfied there is a significant risk to the public of you committing further offences.

“It is necessary for me to keep the protection of the public at the forefront of my mind.

“I consider you to be a danger to members of the public.”

The judge said he assumed the parole board would act with extreme caution before allowing Baff back onto the streets.

Baff had denied robbery and attempted robbery, but was found guilty by a jury after a trial.