Jail warning for unlicensed danger driver after police abandoned daytime pursuit as his Vauxhall Corsa hit speeds of up to 80mph

An unlicensed Sunderland motorist who drove so dangerously that police abandoned their pursuit has been warned jail is inevitable.

Magistrates told Mohammed Rahman, 23, custody is the likely outcome for an 80mph afternoon chase that put other road users at risk.

Rahman, of Burnville Road South, sped past officers at 70mph at the A690 Houghton Cut at 3pm on Thursday, July 21.

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He failed to stop when they activated their lights and sirens and increased his Vauxhall Corsa to 80mph in the same 50mph zone.

Rahman sped past police on the A690 Houghton Cut.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Winchester said he then gave a false right turn indication before swinging left on to the northbound A19 dual carriageway.

He overtook before cutting onto solid white ‘no-go’ road markings on the brow of a hill, causing the pursuit to end over danger fears.

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Mrs Winchester told South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court: “Officers were heading up Houghton Cut when the defendant’s vehicle overtook them at 70mph.

“It’s a 50mph area and it’s stated that he then increased his speed to 80mph.

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“The police illuminated their lights and sirens, but he continued to fail to stop. A police pursuit commenced.

“He moved into lane two, as if to turn right into Burdon Lane, but he instead continued onto the A19 towards Sunderland.

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“He was overtaking and moved onto solid white lines on the crest of a hill.

“It was felt his driving was too risky and the decision was taken for the pursuit to be abandoned.”

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Rahman, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving without a licence and driving without insurance.

Charlton Carr, defending, said: “The only thing in his favour is that he gets 30 per cent off his sentence for his guilty pleas.

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“It was a significant chase. It’s what it is. He has no reasonable excuse for what he did. He’s a young man, he panicked.”

Harry Metcalfe, chair of the bench, told Rahman: “The court always takes a dim view of dangerous driving matters, especially when they happen at this time of day when the public and children are out.

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“The bench feels this is so serious that custody is inevitable.”

Magistrates imposed an interim driving ban on Rahman and ordered a pre-sentence report.

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They granted him unconditional bail to be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court on Monday, October 24.