Jail warning for man who attended victim’s Sunderland home in breach of restraining order

A man who attended his victim’s Sunderland home in breach of a restraining order has been spared jail.

Alan Guiheen, 39, of no fixed abode, kept his freedom despite admitting the offence during a court appearance in South Tyneside.

District Judge Zoe Passfield imposed a suspended eight-week jail term, but warned him: “One more breach and it’s back to prison.”

In July, Guiheen was imprisoned for eight weeks for crimes of battery against the woman and causing criminal damage.

Alan Guiheen.


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He was given the order, which prohibits him from contacting his victim for two years, as part of the sentence.

But after his early prison release, he breached it on Saturday, August 6, by attending a property in Sunderland where she lives.

Prosecutor Bushra Begum said the woman admitted to police during a first call out that she had happily spent the previous day with him.

However, in a second alert hours later, she claimed Guiheen had demanded money and thrown items at the house.


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Mr Begum added: “The conditions are that he must not contact her directly or indirectly, or attend her address.

“The police received a call to say that the defendant had been there, but the lady refused to provide a statement.

“She said she had spent the day with him and that she didn’t want to make a complaint.

“But at 12.30am on Saturday, the police received a call to say he had attended the address uninvited and had demanded money, banged on a window and thrown items.


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“The police found him. She did then provide a statement. This charge relates only to the second contact.”

Guiheen, who has 48 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order.

Paul McAlindon, defending, said: “He does take issue with the prosecution version of events.

“He would state that pretty much immediately after his release from custody, she was calling him.


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“She told him the restraining order had been revoked and asked him to come around.

“He says she became intoxicated, and they began to argue. He categorically denies throwing items.”

Judge Passfield suspended Guiheen’s sentence for 12 months. She ordered him to pay a £154 victim surcharge.