Jail for yob who almost killed Sunderland clubber in New Year’s Eve glass atack

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A MAN has been jailed for seven years after a clubber was almost killed in a New Year’s Eve glass attack.

Only a police officer’s quick-thinking saved Ryan Kennedy from certain death after 23-year-old Dominic Hanson severed one of his arteries with a broken bottle.

At Newcastle Crown Court yesterday, the sergeant who rushed Mr Kennedy to hospital in his police car instead of waiting for an ambulance was commended for saving his life.

Prosecutor Stephen Duffield told the court Hanson had tried to hit Mr Kennedy in the face with the jagged end of the broken bottle during a confrontation at Basement in Sunderland, on December 31.

Mr Duffield said: “He struck out with a beer bottle, which he had broken, it appears at the time towards Ryan’s face.

“Ryan raised his arm in defence and the bottle caused a deep wound to his forearm.”

The court heard the injury started bleeding profusely and a police officer, Sgt Ian Wilkinson, who was called to the scene realised the victim, who had been on a night out with his girlfriend, was in danger of losing his life.

Mr Duffield said: “It was apparent he was bleeding very seriously and it was fortunate when the police officer arrived he took him immediately to hospital rather than wait for an ambulance to come.

“There, he underwent emergency surgery.”

The court heard the initial operation was not successful and Mr Kennedy needed further surgery in January to repair the damaged artery using a vein from his leg.

The bricklayer has been left unable to work or drive and has lost hundreds of pounds per week as a result.

The court heard Mr Kennedy may require further hospital visits and physiotherapy.

Mr Duffield added: “As a result of the experience, he has not been back to Sunderland city centre, he does not want to socialise there any more. He doesn’t feel it is a safe place.”

Hanson, of Scoresby Close, Southwick, admitted wounding with intent and an unrelated affray charge in connection with violence in another nightclub last summer.

Judge Brian Forster told him: “On any view, this was a terrifying assault.

“Instantly, there was much blood and the medical evidence confirms there was profuse bleeding from the artery.

“It is clear the victim may have died had it not been for the prompt attention of the police sergeant who rushed him to hospital.”

The judge said the police officer should be commended for his behaviour that night.

Judge Forster added: “I am satisfied, because of his prompt attention and medical assistance, that the life of the victim was saved.”

Shaun Routledge, defending, said the assault was not a sustained attack and Hanson, who is not heavily convicted, is now focusing on rehabilitation.

The court heard Hanson has completed courses in custody on remand and is the father to a young child.