Jail for gas and alcohol abuser who threatened to kill grandmother after fight at Sunderland bail hostel

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A man who threatened to kill a grandmother has been jailed after getting into a fight at a bail hostel.

Raymond Robson, 35, was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for 18 months, after threatening to kill the pensioner and pointing a baton in her face on January 30 this year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that during the suspension period Robson became involved in a fight at the Pennywell House Hostel on September 7.

Neil Pallister prosecuting said that Robson had returned to the hostel where he was living after drinking heavily and an argument with another resident began.

He said: “An argument started and the defendant felt threatened by the other resident and he was punched in the head.

“Mr Robson returned blows and they started fighting with each other. They were both separated and they both fully admitted what they had done.”

John Wilkinson, defending Robson, said: “The root of the problem with Mr Robson is alcohol. When he finds himself in stressful situations he turns to alcohol.”

Mr Wilkinson said that Robson had been ordered to undertake 100 hours of unpaid work alongside the suspended sentence and on the day of the fight he had been doing this work.

He said: “After doing his unpaid work, Mr Robson returned to the hostel to find his room being searched, he then went out and began drinking heavily.

“He knows he has a problem with alcohol but hasn’t shown any motivation so far to stop drinking but has gone through periods where he did stop.

“He can stay off drink when he puts his mind to it but he is realistic and expects custody.”

Robson, of no fixed address has 17 previous convictions and appeared via video link from Durham prison.

He pleaded guilty to breaching a public order offence at an earlier hearing.

Implementing the suspended sentence Judge Edward Bindloss jailed Robson for 12 months saying: “It is clear you have had a difficult life and you have a history of using substances like butane gas but this offence is still serious.

“I hope help is made available for you to cope with your alcohol and substance abuse.”