‘I was betrayed by my grandson’ – pensioner’s anger over theft of cash

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A PENSIONER has accused his grandson of “betrayal” after he and his ex-partner stole hundreds of pounds from his account.

Gary Anthony West told police he had taken £300 from George Green’s account ‘to get back at my grandfather.’

West, 29, admitted stealing Mr Green’s cash card when he appeared before South Tyneside Magistrates yesterday.

He also admitted two charges of fraud, one jointly with former partner Kirsty Sinclair.

Jeanette Smith, prosecuting, told the court Mr Green, of Boldon, had given his card, with its pin number, to his wife Valerie when she went shopping.

West had been in the car with her when she used the card to prepay for petrol and CCTV showed him inputting something into his mobile phone immediately afterwards.

He had taken the card without Mrs Green realising and used it that 
night to withdraw £300 from a cash point.

He had then passed the card to Kirsty Sinclair, who had used it twice, withdrawing £450 each time.

West was arrested and admitted taking the money ‘to get back’ at his grandfather, saying there had been ‘bad feeling’ for some time.

West told police he had mistakenly picked up the card from the car’s central console. He knew the pin number because he had used the card previously.

He had given Sinclair the card and told her to take £300 then dispose of it.

West, of Bathgate Square, Town End Farm, Sunderland, told police he was ‘somewhat ashamed’ of what he had done but it did not change his feelings for his grandfather.

In a victim statement read to the court, Mr Green said “I am shocked that a grandson could do this to his 87-year-old grandfather. I feel betrayed by him. I do not want him anywhere near me or my home.

“I expect better from my family. I live on a pension and don’t know whether this money will be refunded by the bank.

“This is a betrayal of the whole family. Both Gary and Kirsty have burnt all bridges with me. They have no morals – I can’t believe they could do this.”

The court heard Sinclair had been fined and ordered to pay £200 compensation in relation to the offences.

David Forrester, defending West, asked magistrates to adjourn the case for a full probation report.

Magistrates agreed and West was bailed to January 15.

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