‘I thought he was trying to kiss me, then he stabbed me’ – woman’s evidence in Sunderland call centre knifing trial

Scene outside EDF Energy
Scene outside EDF Energy
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A WOMAN told a court how her ex-partner plunged a knife into her chest after she refused to restart their relationship.

Kate Taylor was left bleeding from a gaping wound after David Martin stabbed her with a kitchen knife in the car park of EDF Energy in Doxford Park, Sunderland.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Miss Taylor, who worked at the company with Martin, had reluctantly agreed to meet him in his car during their lunchbreak on May 11 last year.

Miss Taylor said she initially thought Martin was trying to kiss her when he lunged at her as she went to leave.

She told jurors: “I went to open the car door with my left hand to get out.

“Mr Martin lunged over the seat, on top of me.

“He did not say anything, then I realised there was blood everywhere.

“I thought he was trying to pull me back in the car, grab me, kiss me.

“The blood was coming from my chest.

“I saw his hand was holding the knife. I felt a pressure and I panicked.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen to me.”

Martin, of Telford Road, Thorney Close, Sunderland, denies wounding with intent and is being tried by a jury.

Prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC told the court the couple had split up the previous November but Martin, 31, had begged her to get back with him.

Mr Campbell told jurors: “Mr Martin began to bombard her with text messages and calls. She responded from time to time.”

Miss Taylor said she had agreed to meet Martin in the car park during their lunchbreak that day.

She said: “It was raining so in the end I sat in the passenger side next to him.

“I told him nothing was going to happen between us.”

The court heard it was as she went to get out of the car to go back to work Martin attacked.

Miss Taylor told the court, after managing to roll out of the car after the attack, he turned around and saw Martin walking quickly away.

The court heard a colleague spotted Miss Taylor and called an ambulance which took her to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary where she received 11 stitches for a four-inch gaping wound above her left breast.

Martin was arrested nearby and claimed he had taken hundreds of paracetomol tablets.

When questioned by detectives, Martin said the knife had been in his bag for some time and that he had taken it out and held it up against her to show her how serious he was about needing help.

He claimed as she struggled and tried to push away the blade went into her skin accidentally.

The trial continues