‘I thought he wanted me to die’ – model’s shocking evidence to court

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HOUGHTON model Cheryl Maddison was forced to relive her brutal rape ordeal to judges.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, she said the attack ended only when she played dead, lying in her own blood.

Her testimony lasted 70 minutes and she left the court without coming face to face with the accused, Mohamed Fadel el Anssari.

The 31-year-old waiter from Morocco is said to have followed her up to her rented flat and sexually assaulted her on the balcony.

He then allegedly stripped her naked and forced her to shower before ordering her into the bedroom.

“That’s where he climbed on top of me and raped me,” Miss Maddison told the provincial court in Majorca’s capital Palma. “I bit him and scratched him but then I passed out, I lost consciousness.

“When I woke up I was by myself in the bedroom. There was blood coming out of my chest. That’s when he entered the room again. He put a knife into my neck. The knife went right into my neck.”

“I thought he wanted me to die. My breathing was making gargling sounds because he had stabbed me in the lung. So I held my breath so he thought I wasn’t breathing any more.”

When her attacker left, Miss Maddison used a pillow to stem the bleeding from multiple stab wounds and crawled downstairs for help at a nearby kebab shop.

She was unconscious by the time paramedics arrived to take her to hospital.

She underwent emergency surgery for wounds to her neck, throat, chest and back. After two weeks in hospital she was allowed to return home to Houghton Le Spring, County Durham. Doctors said she was lucky to be alive.

Jaime Guasp, prosecuting, said Fadel, a cocaine addict, had tried to kill Miss Maddison with his seven-inch blade.

The victim, who waived her right to anonymity, told the court her attacker struck as she returned home alone after a shift working in a bar in Magaluf. It was 4am on May 30, 2008 – the day after she moved into the flat.

Miss Maddison told the court she had therapy for the two years following the attack and was terrified of being left on her own.

Accompanied in court by her boyfriend, 21-year-old Kaine MacDonald, she said she was not interested in compensation, adding: ‘I just want him to go to jail.’

Police initially failed to find her assailant and the investigation was shelved the following summer.

But the case was reopened when a second British woman suffered a similarly horrific attack in Magaluf in 2010.

Fadel was arrested in July 2011 following a lengthy undercover operation.

Detectives recovered a cigarette butt he threw away in the street and had it tested for DNA, which matched samples taken from the scene of the attack on Miss Maddison, the court heard.

He confessed to the crime in a police interview and told officers: ‘I am an evil man’.

The court heard he was once arrested for an alleged sexual assault on a minor in the Canary Islands, where he spent several months a year.

Fadel, who denies attempted murder and rape, refused to answer questions about the attack in court.

Prosecutors want him jailed for 23 years. The trial, in front of a panel of three judges and no jury, continues.