‘I’m coming straight for you with a knife’ – Sunderland son’s death-threat texts to own mum after attack

Jailed: Ryan Allsopp
Jailed: Ryan Allsopp
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A man who attacked his mother and sent her text messages threatening to kill her has been jailed.

Ryan Allsopp had previously been told to stay away from his mother when he arrived at her home looking for food and money.

When she told the 25-year-old to leave and tried to close the door, he punched her in the side of her head causing a lump to develop.

Just days later he sent three texts from his mobile phone which included: “I am going to come down and kill you” and “If these police and doctors don’t stop me I’m coming straight for you with a knife.”

Newcastle Crown Court heard how Allsopp was transferred to hospital by mental health workers who were worried about his welfare.

Jolyon Perks prosecuting said: “He attended her address and demanded money from her. She was upset with him being there.

That was an appalling, manipulative way to act towards your mother. Your mother still loves you for all her trouble.

Recorder Andrew Dallas

“She told him on the 29th October she didn’t want him at his address. She sent him away with £4 on that occasion.

“He came back on 31st October and she told him to leave. She put him outside the address. She was closing the door on him when he punched her to the left side of her head.”

Mr Perks told the court how Allsopp also sent three threatening texts to his mother between 4pm and 7.30pm on November 3 last year.

He said: “She doesn’t want a none contact restraining order. She does feel drained and she does feel warn out by his constant threats and violence.

“She tells her son to leave her alone but he just keeps getting worse.

“She feels he is unpredictable and worries that she will be assaulted again by him.

“But as she had indicated he is her son. She has indicated the best medicine he can receive is a custodial sentence which will go some way to helping with his problems.

“She feels the longer the sentence inside the more chance he has of addressing his drink and drug problems

“She wants to see her son get well.”

Allsopp admitted threats to kill, breaching a suspended sentence and two counts of breaching a restraining order.

Jamie Adams, defending, said: “Everything is weighted against Ryan Allsopp.

“His mother has been writing to him during his remand in custody.

“Sometimes these things become a big emotional mess and that is what it is here.

“He does seem to be maturing.

“He wants time away from her to reflect on their situation, to try to reflect on there relationship and enable him to think this out.

“He can see what he was doing was truly distressing.

“One thing I do urge on his behalf is that he doesn’t want to be in this position again.”

Allsopp also breached a 18 week suspended sentence which he was handed in October 2013 for assaulting his mother.

Recorder Andrew Dallas told Allsopp, of Hereford Road, Sunderland: “You have committed these two offences three months or so later.

“On the first occasion you went around to the house looking for food and money. When she didn’t let you in you punched her.

“Another time time when you found yourself in need of care you tried to get yourself there by sending some text messages. She was probably terrified of them.

“That was an appalling, manipulative way to act towards your mother.

“Your mother still loves you for all her trouble. She could of asked for a an order to keep you away from where she lives and away from her. She hasn’t asked me for that. She has asked that you get off drugs.

“I am quite satisfied the custody threshold has been well and truly crossed here.”

Recorder Dallas sentenced Allsopp to 44 weeks in prison handed him a restraining order against his mother until a further order is put in place.