‘I’ll slit your throat’ – Sunderland knifeman jailed for attacking couple in home raid

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A KNIFE-WIELDING raider who attacked a couple in their own home has been jailed.

Former Nissan worker Roderick Dempster, 38, told his terrified ex partner “I’m going to slit your throat” after storming into her living room armed with a large knife and a hammer.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the woman was kicked in the head during the violence that followed and her partner was slashed by Dempster’s blade.

At the time of the attack, in May, Dempster was out on licence from a six year prison sentence for assault with intent to rob.

Two young children were in the house when the attack took place.

Prosecutor Paul Rowland told the court Dempster’s hammer was down his trousers when he went into the house but the knife was in his hand.

Mr Rowland said: “He made threats and said ‘I’m going to slit your throat’.

“She, not surprisingly, was terrified.

“She indicates she curled up on the sofa and the defendant charged towards her.

“She screamed for her partner, who was in the kitchen.

“On seeing her partner the defendant made a beeline for him.

“The defendant was making slashing motions towards him and caught him twice on his fingers.”

The court heard after causing the minor wounds, Dempster turned his attention back to the woman.

Mr Rowland said: “He kicked her, it is said, to the head.

“She indicates his kicks weren’t very hard but enough to feel immediate pain in the head.”

The court heard the woman managed to run upstairs and contact the police.

Dempster, of Carley Road, Southwick, Sunderland, pleaded guilty to affray, two charges of assault and having offensive weapons.

Judge Penny Moreland jailed him for two-and-a-half years.

The judge told him: “You went into that property brandishing a knife and with a hammer in your waistband.

“You have previous convictions for violence and were on licence at the time you committed this offence.

“You committed the offence within the home of the complainants, at night and it was utterly unprovoked behaviour.

“It seems you had gone to that address to have it out with those two and you ought to realise it was disgraceful behaviour.”

The judge said Dempster must stay away from the couple under the terms of a 10 year restraining order.

Shaun Routledge, defending, said Dempster had been doing well and completing courses with a view to get back to work after being released from the sentence imposed in 2008 and was drunk on the night of the attack in May.