‘I’ll show you what blood looks like’ – neighbour’s threat over parcel delivery row

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A 60-YEAR-OLD man terrified his neighbour when he posted threatening letters through his letterbox.

George Archer was enraged when his downstairs neighbour at Mardale in Albany, Washington, put a note on the front door of his flat, asking a courier not to leave parcels with him.

Archer, 60, who had signed for parcels on Ronnie Lambert’s behalf in the past, took this as an insult.

Sunderland magistrates heard how his anger festered as he got drunk, and he posted a note through Mr Lambert’s letterbox threatening him.

Mr Lambert went to the police, but by the time he returned home from the station on July 2, a second note had landed on his doormat which said: “I will end you. I will show you what blood looks like.”

The court heard how Mr Lambert and his wife had been left in fear and “walking on eggshells”, unable to enjoy their garden.

Archer pleaded guilty to harassment, causing fear of violence.

Tony Southwick, mitigating, said his client was in poor health, and would be unable to carry out any threats.

Mr Southwick said Archer had been annoyed after he claimed he was accused of not handing over parcels which had been delivered while Mr Lambert was out.

“He was at home. He’d had something to drink. He is on medication,” Mr Southwick said.

“This was fuelled by the injured party putting what Mr Archer thought was a derogatory assertion on his door, which would lead neighbours to take a view regarding him. He concedes that he did put the first note through the door. He didn’t hear the injured party come back, and he put a second note through the door.

“It had festered, and the first note was not as bad as the second one.”

Archer had lived in the flat with his wife for more than 30 years, Mr Southwick said, adding that Mr Lambert had moved in recently and that there had been some problems with noise.

“He would dance in his upstairs flat and play what Mr Archer describes as a banjo, which he is not able to play very well despite trying for a significant period of time,” Mr Southwick added.

The bench adjourned sentencing until Friday for a pre-sentence report to be prepared by the Probation Service, warning Archer that he could face a prison sentence.