‘I’ll scar you for life’ – Sunderland man beat girlfriend with chair and threatened her with acid and knives

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A THUG beat his ex-girlfriend with a chair then bragged to police about the bruises he had caused her and threatened to pour acid on her and scar her for life.

Christopher Chapman has been jailed for the attack on Stephanie Topping, which happened after turning up at her Sunderland home on March 14.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 25-year-old punched his ex all over her body then threatened to get a knife to “finish it off”.

Chapman then picked up a wooden chair which he used to smash over her leg.

Miss Topping was left with a black eye and bruising to her body after the attack, which she believes had left her unconscious.

Chapman turned up causing trouble at the house a week later and when police turned up and saw Miss Topping’s black eye, he boasted: “I did that”.

He then warned officers: “I will cut her so she’s scarred and every time she looks in the mirror it will remind her of me. I will pour acid all over her”.

Chapman said he was willing to “do life” for what he had planned for his ex, who he had been with for seven years.

Judge Robert Adams jailed Chapman, of no fixed address, for 12 months.

The judge told Chapman, who had admitted assault and affray: “You referred to her black eye and almost expressed pride in what you had done, saying ‘everyone has a breaking point’.

“You made serious and extremely aggressive threats towards her, saying you were going to do life for her, cut her up and throw acid over her.

“Not surprisingly she’s terrified by what has happened.

“I hope you are thoroughly ashamed of your behaviour.”

Alex Burns, defending, said: “He accepts the relationship is over.”