‘I’ll fight you in my pants’ – Sunderland knife man dropped his trousers before threatening victim

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A KNIFE-WIELDING man who took his trousers off and told a father he would “fight him in his pants” has been jailed for 28 months.

After being arrested Ryan Towers, 21, later vandalised the victim’s house with paint while on bail, but was caught after police followed a colourful trail back to a house he was staying in.

On January 31, Towers started arguing with a friend over a stolen mobile phone.

The 21-year-old then followed his friend to a house in Taunton Road, Thorney Close, and banged on the front door.

The friend’s two-year-old daughter was inside at the time.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister said: “The parents answered the door and told the defendant to leave.

“He was seen to put each hand into his jacket pockets and produced two kitchen knives with blades between four to six inches in length.

“The dad was at the door telling the defendant to leave while his son was on the phone calling the police.”

Towers threw the knives away and took off his shirt before offering to fight the dad outside.

When he was told to leave or face arrest, Towers took off his trousers off and was reported to say: “I will fight you in my underpants.”

Running up the garden path, Towers aimed a flying kick at the man’s upper arm before police arrived. He was later arrested.

While on bail, Towers went back to the house on April 22 and threw pink and orange paint at the outside, causing £300 of damage.

Police followed a trail of paint to a house Towers was known to be staying.

But when they came to arrest him they found he was already in custody after trying to steal two crates of lager from a Co-op the same morning.

Towers admitted six charges at Newcastle Crown Court including an assault on his own mother during a row over money in October.

He was also on a suspended sentence for attempted to steal a man’s mobile phone while armed with a knife.

Mitigating, Nigel Barnes said: “What characterises these offences is the brazen nature of them.

“There is no attempt to hide them and no physical harm to the victims.

“He started to behave in this way to appear to have greater status than he does.

“Drink is the cause of his problems. The record is that he is using him time in prison extremely well.

“The question is whether he is maturing enough and learning enough in prison to move out of his adolescent period into something better.”

Towers, of Torquay Road, was jailed for a total of 28 months, for assault, affray, possession of a bladed article, intimidating witnesses, criminal damage and theft.

He will also be subject to a three-year restraining order and must pay a £120 victim surcharge.

Judge John Milford said: “If you continue in this vein the sentences will get longer and longer and longer.”