‘I’d been sniffing Evo-Stik from 6am on the day I killed Simon’ – Sunderland serial killer

Steven Grieveson in his younger days
Steven Grieveson in his younger days
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SERIAL killer Steven Grieveson claimed to have been a glue-sniffer since the age of 11, jurors have heard.

While being interviewed, at his own request, in January last year he confessed he had killed 14-year-old Simon Martin in 1990.

And he told police he had an addiction to sniffing glue which meant he needed to take it every day - including the day he killed the schoolboy.

Grieveson, formerly of Roker Avenue in the city was convicted of the murders of David Hanson, 15, David Grieff, 15, and Thomas Kelly, 18 after a trial at Leeds in 1996.

Grieveson had burnt the three teenagers’ bodies in a bid to cover his tracks during the four month murder spree between November 1993 and February 1994.

The 42-year-old is now being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court where he denies Simon’s murder.

Jurors have heard a transcript read of Grieveson’s confession to detectives last January.

During the discussions the killer said he had been sniffing glue on the day of Simon’s death and had been a user since he was just a boy.

He told police: “All of this time I was sniffing glue, I was a glue-sniffer.

“I was on glue that day, I done it every day, every single day, I sniffed glue from the age of 11.

“I took glue that day, I had been on it since six am.

“I was addicted to it, I was sniffing Evostick.

“You can ask any of my brothers, sisters or mam, they will tell you.

“I was addicted to it, I had to have it every day.”

Grieveson denies murder.

The trial continues.