Husband trashed former Avon mistress's home after she exposed affair to his wife and mother

Kevin Skelton was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court.
Kevin Skelton was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court.

A married man trashed his former mistress's home after she exposed their affair to his family on Christmas Day.

Kevin Skelton, 37, who had been married for just 18 months, had a secret fling with Avon rep Kirsty Watson when his relationship with his wife went through a "difficult period".

Kirsty Watson

Kirsty Watson

Newcastle Crown Court heard when Skelton ended the illicit affair with Miss Watson, from Jarrow - by text - on Christmas Day, she threatened to send pictures of them together to his wife.

During a series of phone messages, Miss Watson – who later told the Gazette she was unaware he was married when they were together – exposed the affair to Mr Skelton's mother and wife and attached photographs to confirm her claims.

As a result, Skelton went to her home and caused over £700 worth of damage during an "explosion" of anger when she was not there.

Skelton pleaded guilty to burglary and Judge Robert Spragg sentenced him to a community order for 18 months with rehabilitation requirements and £780 compensation.

The judge told him Skelton: "You had an affair with the victim in this case, who was an Avon lady, that is how you got in touch with her.

"That relationship didn't last long, you ended the relationship by text on Christmas Day 2016.

"Further contact was then by text message to your mother and your partner, including photographs being sent.

"Your partner was obviously very angry with you and you got angry because you felt you were being blackmailed to continue the relationship.

"You went to her property and smashed various items up."

The court heard Miss Watson was not home when Skelton arrived to confront her so he forced entry to the property and caused over £700 of damage inside.

Prosecutor David Crook told the court: "He pulled a television off the wall and the screen was smashed.

"A top was knocked off the coffee table, a living room clock was smashed, a small glass table was smashed.

"In her bedroom, drawers were damaged, a small glass table was smashed, a wall mounted television was pulled off the wall.

"In her kitchen, a medicine drawer was open and some prescription drugs taken."

Skelton was arrested and admitted in interview he had "lost it".

Mr Crook said the angry outburst was "an explosion by the defendant".

Fiona Lamb, defending, told the court Skelton's 18 month marriage was in a "difficult period" and added: "He was always honest with the complainant, he told her he was married.

"For whatever reason, the relationship seems to have soured very quickly.

"The complainant threatened to send photographs of them together to his wife.

"It caused the defendant a great deal of upset and stress.

"He sent a text message to the complainant on Christmas Day, saying he wished the relationship to come to an end.

"The complainant didn't leave it at that."

Miss Lamb said Miss Watson sent a message to Skelton's mother on Christmas Day saying "merry Christmas., been with him a month" with two photographs attached.

Miss Lamb said Skelton, of Newcastle Street, North Shields, was subjected to a "considerable amount of provocation" before he went to Miss Watson's house and that this was an "exceptional" set of circumstances.