‘His behaviour was unacceptable’ – solicitor after hammer man smashes fish tanks and TV in rampage

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A MAN is behind bars today after going on a hammer rampage at his ex-girlfriend’s home.

Christopher Robson caused hundreds of pounds of damage when he flew into a rage after his partner of 18 months received a text message from her landlord, Sunderland magistrates heard.

The court was told how the 24-year-old went from room to room, using the hammer to smash walls and a bathroom sink.

Robson, of Neville Court, Sulgrave, then flooded the floor and caused water damage after he pulled a radiator off the wall, prosecutor Glenda Beck told the court.

Robson then turned his hand to his girlfriend’s belongings, smashing two fish tanks, worth a total of £310. A £200 TV, a glass dining table worth £130 and an £80 fridge freezer also fell victim to Robson’s wrecking spree.

Sandra Fife, mitigating, told magistrates: “Mr Robson acknowledges his behaviour was unacceptable. He apologises for his behaviour.

“He was angry, and his anger has been vented on property within the home.”

He later admitted criminal damage in relation to the wrecking spree, as well as further counts of absconding and shoplifting.

The latter charge related to a theft from a Co-op supermarket in Washington on September 11, when Robson was spotted by staff staggering around the shop while being either drunk or on drugs.

He and a friend took food and booze worth almost £100, which they stuffed inside their clothes.

Robson even went behind the cash desk and picked up tobacco products before he was challenged by staff. The pair then left without paying.

Magistrates also imposed an indefinite restraining order banning him from going to his former partner’s home in Concord.