Hearing takes place over Jonty Hall’s death

Jonty Hall
Jonty Hall
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A CORONER’S investigation into the death of murder victim Jonty Hall, has concluded.

The hearing took place at Sunderland Coroner’s Court, seven months after the father-of-two’s death.

Mr Hall’s body was found hidden in undergrowth by a dog walker, less than 24 hours after his brutal killing by two men he knew.

Senior Coroner Derek Winter told Mr Hall’s family that as two men had been convicted over his death, he would only reopen the inquest at their request.

He said: “There was a full investigation by police and the evidence was tested thoroughly at the crown court, which resulted in the convictions I have referred to.

“Unless there are any issues which warrant my continued investigation, my position would be not to resume the inquest and to close matters today.”

Mr Hall’s family agreed that the case could be closed.

His killers were sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court in March, after a two-week trial.

Nicholas Rought, 45, of Princess Street, Shiney Row, was sentenced to life for murder and must serve a minimum 19 years.

Co-accused Stuart Smith, 42, of no fixed address, got 15 years for Mr Hall’s manslaughter.

Rought and Smith had denied involvement in Mr Hall’s brutal death at a house in Mill Terrace, Shiney Row.

The court heard 46-year-old had such severe injuries that his face was left “flat and without structure”.

The dad-of-two had also had his throat cut, was stabbed with a fork and had multiple wounds inflicted to his body, hands, penis and testicles.

A jury concluded Rought had used a baseball bat to inflict the gruesome injuries, while Smith played a lesser part in the violence.