Gunman opens fire on Sunderland club

Ryan Perry and one of the marks on the window from airgun pellets.
Ryan Perry and one of the marks on the window from airgun pellets.
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A TERRIFIED teenager dived to the floor as a gunman fired his weapon through the window of a Sunderland club.

Stewardess Liz Perry, 56, and her 15-year-old grandson Ryan were in the Lakeside Sports and Social Club when a man outside opened fire at a window.

The pair watched in terror as the attacker aimed up to six shots from an airweapon.

“At first, I had no idea it was an airweapon,” said Ms Perry. “As far as I was concerned, where I was stood, it was a real gun.

Ms Perry said there was no warning of the “unprovoked and random attack”.

“My grandson was looking out of the window,” she said. “He noticed a black car outside, but didn’t think anything of it because people park there all the time.

“He turned away, then between four to six shots were fired.

“He just got down on the floor, because it was such a shock.

“It was over in seconds and the car took off at high speed.”

Nobody was hurt in the attack, which was carried out while children took part in a dance club at a nearby community centre.

“We have four big holes in the window, but it could have been a lot worse,” she said. “Luckily, the window didn’t smash and the pellets didn’t go all the way through the glass, otherwise my grandson could have been hurt.

“It must have given him a good shock and he’s having trouble sleeping.

“There was also a dance class, with three to 11-year-olds, being held at the community centre, which is very close by.

“And there were children and families in the area because of a nearby fair.

“I’ve no idea why we were shot at, so they could have just as easy targeted them.”

Two 18-year-old men were later arrested at the Pennywell Shops car park.

“We were lucky that extra police were at the local fair,” said Ms Perry. “The car was seen speeding away and they got the registration.”

Stunned passersby witnessed the dramatic apprehension at the hands of armed police.

One said: “The armed police had a black BMW surrounded. They got two blokes out of the car and had them on their knees as they arrested them.

“They looked absolutely terrified. There were quite a few officers, so it was obvious the police weren’t taking any chances.

“They took the two of them away and about an hour later they came back for the car.”

A spokeswoman for Northumbria Police confirmed officers were called to the club shortly after 6pm on Thursday.

Police received a report of shots being fired near Lakeside Sports and Social Club,” she said. “Officers searched the area and a short time later two men, both aged 18, were arrested and an airgun was recovered.

“Damage to a window at the club was thought to have been caused by an air weapon.

“No one was injured during the incident.

“One of the men was released with no further action.

“The second was given a simple caution for criminal damage.”