Grieving mum-to-be stole £700 as a ‘cry for help’ after losing baby

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A GRIEVING mum-to-be who stole £700 cash from her bosses has been spared jail.

Louise Nesbitt pocketed the money she was meant to be counting at Voltex on the Parsons Industrial Estate, Washington, in May.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 26-year-old deliberately dropped cash bags on to the floor and hid them in her clothes while out of sight of the company’s security cameras.

She was collared on May 15 after managers at the firm, which handles cash on behalf of financial institutions, grew suspicious and the police were called in.

Officers found £280 stashed in the lining of her handbag and £420 stored away in her locker.

Prosecutor Jolyon Perks told the court: “The company counts cash on behalf of financial institutions, therefore, trust is paramount.”

Nesbitt, who lost a baby late into her pregnancy two days before Christmas last year, pleaded guilty to theft.

The court heard the time she took the cash coincided with the date her baby would have been due.

Glen Gatland, defending, said: “The doctor says it is likely her behaviour represented a cry for help.”

Mr Gatland said Nesbitt has been diagnosed as suffering a “depressive episode” after the tragedy, which effected her behaviour. She has since received treatment and is pregnant again.

Judge Simon Hickey sentenced Nesbitt, of Laurens Court, Washington, to a community order for a year with supervision.

The judge told her: “Obviously you were in a position of trust not only to your employer but to the wider financial community.

“Your method was quite simple, you simply dropped cash bags on to the floor, out of sight of the cameras that were watching, and picked up some of the bags, secreting others into your clothing.

“I could have easily sent you to custody but I draw back due to what I have read in reports about you.”