Grieving grandmother backs review on killers’ sentences

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THE heartbroken grandmother of a businessman killed by a single punch has welcomed a review into how killers are sentenced.

Dean Windle, 26, from Cleadon, suffered multiple head injuries when he fell after being punched on a night out in Newcastle with friends in November 2006.

His grandmother, Margaret Windle, has welcomed a review which has been ordered by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling into the way criminals who kill with a single punch are sentenced. The move comes after a Court of Appeal ruled a four-year sentence for manslaughter given to a man who hit and killed Asperger’s sufferer Andrew Young was not unduly lenient.

Mr Young, 40, died after the attack by Lewis Gill, 21, last November.

Mr Grayling has now asked the Sentencing Council to consider whether “further guidance” is needed for judges in handling such cases.

Mrs Windle, from South Tyneside, said: “These people who go out looking for trouble have no idea of the lives they tear apart. I’m glad there’s going to be a review into this, as the sentences need to be tougher.

“If you go into a fight, there is always the chance you could kill omeone. I just don’t know why people do it.”

Mr Windle’s killer Michael Kennedy was originally jailed indefinitely but was ordered to serve a minimum of two years before being allowed to apply for parole. He has since been released from prison.