Gran’s body was wrapped in duvet, court told

Pamela Jackson
Pamela Jackson
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TRAGIC Pamela Jackson’s body may have been wrapped in a duvet when she was taken to her moorland grave, jurors heard.

Prosecutors claim ex-partner Adrian Muir murdered the 55-year-old gran at her Chester-le-Street home in March before burying her 120 miles away on the moors at Halifax, West Yorkshire, where she was found two months later.

Muir, 50, of Halifax, denies murder and is being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

Blood expert Doctor Gemma Escott told jurors yesterday she had examined a covered duvet found near the grave site and found a large area of Ms Jackson’s blood as well as slash marks on the fabric.

Dr Escott said she also examined Muir’s Kia car and found a large area of blood, which had been disturbed by attempts at cleaning, under the back seat.

The doctor said Muir’s explanation of the blood getting on to the back seat while he had been having sex with Ms Jackson when they were together was something she could not rule out as a “possibility”.

She added: “I do not favour it as a realistic explanation.”

Muir denies murder. The trial continues.