‘Good Samaritan’ student jailed for raping teenager

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A STUDENT rapist posed as a Good Samaritan before attacking his victim and leaving her naked and injured on waste ground.

Ben Jobling promised to get the teenager home safe after she got drunk at a New Year’s Eve party.

But Newcastle Crown Court heard the 21-year-old raped the 17-year-old on wasteland in Washington, leaving her with a catalogue of injuries.

Judge Penny Moreland jailed Jobling for five years and told him: “You left her naked outside on a cold night, something which I characterise as utterly heartless behaviour.

“What you did to her has had a devastating impact on her. What you did will affect her for the rest of her life.”

Prosecutor Amanda Rippon told the court the victim remembers nothing about her ordeal in the early hours of January 1 last year, but has been left shellshocked by it.

It was only after she was taken to hospital that medics concluded she had been the victim of a sexual assault.

police during questioning he had left the woman in the company of another man.

But when detectives started a mass DNA trawl to catch the attacker, he changed his story and said he had had consensual sex with her.

Just days before his trial was due to start at crown court, Jobling, of Coach Road Estate, Usworth, Washington, admitted the rape.

Miss Rippon told the court the teen had been out at a bar in Fatfield with friends for a new year party and got so drunk she was “practically unconscious,” with her head lolling, pale and unable to speak.

The court heard one of her friends, who had been working nearby, realised her plight, and refused help from a reveller who asked to take the victim home, fearing he may take advantage.

Miss Rippon said: “Sadly, ironically but very tragically, when the defendant volunteered, the friend did not have the same misgivings.

“He told the friend he had a girlfriend, he knew where the victim lived and would make sure she got home safely.

“The friend entrusted her to the defendant.”

The court heard it was just after 4am, when two men making their way from another party, found the victim banging on a stranger’s door.

Miss Rippon said: “She was drunk, distressed, crying and soaking wet.

“She was naked, it was raining heavily and extremely cold.”

The court heard the strangers contacted the police and the victim was taken home before going to hospital the next morning.

Miss Rippon said: “She had a number of injuries, largely abrasions and bruises to her arms, legs, feet, body and back.”

The victim also had injuries to her private parts.

Miss Rippon added: “Police began putting together a picture of what occurred, a jigsaw puzzle basically.”

During police interview, Jobling claimed the victim had kissed him, had taken off her own clothing and said he did not want to do what they did.

Katherine Dunn, defending, said: “Even though he had consumed alcohol himself, he took advantage of an extremely drunk girl.

“He is ashamed of his actions.”

She said the conviction meant the end of Jobling’s university career.