George Dagg murder accused made video of police helicopter on day of Sunderland stabbing

Flowers outside a house in Purley Road, Plains Farm, Sunderland for stabbing victim George Dagg.
Flowers outside a house in Purley Road, Plains Farm, Sunderland for stabbing victim George Dagg.
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A MAN on trial for murder filmed a police helicopter and said on camera “I haven’t done anything” after George Dagg was fatally stabbed.

Prosecutors claim Jack Ryan was at the scene of the killing as back-up for his brother Jess, when he stabbed Mr Dagg to death outside his Plains Farm home in Sunderland in June.

Jack Ryan, 21, denies he was at the scene and claims a man identified only as “Mr X” was with Jess that night.

He told the court how threats were preventing him from revealing the name of Mr X.

The jury at Newcastle Crown Court watched a video clip of the police helicopter which Jack Ryan filmed on his phone from his bedroom window, the same morning 53-year-old father-of-two Mr Dagg was stabbed. In the clip, Ryan is heard saying: “you have woke me up man, go away”, “look it’s coming towards my house” and “I haven’t done anything”.

Prosecutors claim Ryan filmed the police helicopter between 4.45am and 5.10am as evidence to give to police, showing he was at home.

Ryan told the court he filmed the video to “put on social media” as he was “trying to show off”.

The court also heard how Ryan made countless phone calls to his brother Jess, 25, during the night.

Ryan said he was calling his brother to make sure he was OK as he was drunk and “wasn’t making much sense”.

Ryan told the court how he shared a prison cell with his brother for six months after his arrest, but did not find out who Mr X was for a few weeks.

When asked why he did not ask his brother who he was with straight away, Ryan said: “I was too emotional. My head was all over.”

When asked why he won’t reveal the name of Mr X, Ryan said: “Someone on Facebook said I would be safer inside than I would be outside if his name got mentioned.

“It’s not my place to say who it was. I wasn’t there.”

Jess Ryan, of Toronto Road, and his brother Jack Ryan, of Toronto Square, Sunderland, both deny murder.

•The trial continues.