George Dagg branded his killers ‘cowards’ as they left him bleeding, court told

George Dagg
George Dagg
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TRAGIC George Dagg branded his killers “cowards” in the moments after he was stabbed, jurors have heard.

A neighbour witnessed Mr Dagg fall to the ground after being attacked near is home and say “All you can do is use knives, you cowards”.

The witness said he saw Mr Dagg’s friend on his knees, crying next to him and trying to help the fatally injured father-of-two.

Mr Dagg died in hospital three days later as a result of the stabbing.

Prosecutors claim Jess Ryan, 24, of Toronto Road, Sunderland, inflicted the fatal wound to Mr Dagg’s leg, which severed a main artery, and he had taken his brother Jack Ryan, 21, of nearby Toronto Square, with him as armed back up.

Both men deny murder and are being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

The neighbour told jurors he could see the trouble in Purley Road, Plains Farm, that night from his landing window.

He said the street confrontation moved out of his eye line but then he saw Mr Dagg heading back towards his home.

The witness said: “I saw George walking back, I heard George saying ‘all you can do is use knives, you cowards.

“I noticed his right leg just looked really wet, it was dripping with blood.

“He was walking back to his house, took a few more steps then he just fell back and whacked his head of the pavement.

“His friend came running back and got down on his knees.

“He was crying, saying ‘George, George’, trying to help him.”

The court heard an ambulance was quickly called to the scene but Mr Dagg could not be saved after suffering catastrophic blood loss.

Both brothers deny murder.

Jack Ryan denies he was even at the scene.