Frauster told he must sell vanity plates

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A FRAUDSTER must sell a personalised number plate bought using proceeds of crime.

A judge ordered Brandon Lee Clark to accept an offer of £12,000 for the plate 72B.

Clark must also sell his £16,000 Audi and surrender money in a savings account.

The 39-year-old was given a suspended sentence in 2010, for false applications for loans of more than £500,000.

Clark, of Roundhaven, Durham City, claimed he worked for property company Sovereign Securities, based at the YMCA in East Herrington.

He said his salary was large enough to cover the loans, when it was not.

In 2010 financial investigators found his benefit from crime to be more than £500,000, but were only able to recover £5,550.

The case was before Durham Crown Court again yesterday under laws which allow new proceeds of crime applications if a defendant’s financial situation changes.

After private negotiations between prosecution and defence counsel, Clark agreed to hand over a further £22,000.