Four-year-old witnessed granddad’s killing

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A FOUR-YEAR-OLD girl witnessed the bloody aftermath of her step-grandfather’s killing, a court heard.

Kevin Gaunt was stabbed on his doorstep during a confrontation with Nicolas Warrender, of Avenue Vivian, Fence Houses.

The knife punctured the 52-year-old’s heart and he collapsed in a pool of blood on his kitchen floor.

Mr Gaunt’s wife Carole had told jurors at Newcastle Crown Court she had pleaded “please don’t leave me” as her husband lay dying.

At the same time, she was trying to keep her four-year-old grand-daughter, who she and her husband had been babysitting, away from the trauma and telephone for help.

Mrs Gaunt’s mother Margaret Ritchie, who lived nearby, told the court she had been asleep in bed when her daughter rang in an extremely upset state and asked her to come and collect the little girl.

“I put my dressing gown and a pair of shoes on and went to get her.”

Mrs Ritchie said when she got to the house at Avenue Vivian, the emergency services were already there and the house was being treated as a crime scene.

As a result, Mrs Ritchie was not allowed into the house and her great-grand-daughter was passed out of the window to her.

Mrs Ritchie added: “She was very subdued. I thought she must have been in shock.

“She kept saying Nicky had stabbed her grandad and that there was lots of blood on the floor.”

Mrs Ritchie said she took the little girl home to settle her and then received a call to say Mr Gaunt had died.

Warrender denies murder.