Former soldier jailed for kicking ex-girlfriend

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A former soldier launched a terrifying kicking attack on a woman he claimed had abandoned him in bed.

Anthony Pallister said he snapped after waking up alone when ex-girlfriend Lindsey Francis went off with another man.

After a furious confrontation in the street, the 24-year-old flew into a violent rage which left Miss Francis with two fractured fingers and a black eye. The attack, which happened at South Street, Newbottle, two days before Christmas last year, was captured on CCTV.

Judge Roger Thorn, QC, said it was a “terrifying spectacle” and jailed Pallister, who was on a suspended sentence for a previous offence, for 14 months.

Pallister must stay away from Miss Francis under the terms of a two-year restraining order.

Pallister, of Tamar Street, Easington Lane, admitted assault and a charge of criminal damage relating to a window he smashed at Miss Francis’s home.

The court heard the former couple had met at a mutual friend’s house that night, with others, before she got picked up by a male friend.

Miss Francis said there had been “no real difficulties” before she left. It was while she was at her friend’s home, she received a call from Pallister, threatening to smash her windows, so she set off to check her home was safe.

The attack happened while she was on her way there.

Jamie Adams, defending, said Pallister’s life took a “downturn” after he left the army and started abusing alcohol.