Former detective’s wife says drugs charges have made her life “pure hell”

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A HOUSING executive has told jurors being accused of cocaine dealing has made her life “pure hell”.

Susan Thompson said being arrested and taken to trial in front of a jury has been the worst experience of her life.

The 44-year-old, who works for a housing company based in Middlesbrough, is accused of dealing cocaine to friends that had been supplied to her by her husband Paul Thompson, 43, which she denies.

He was a detective sergeant at Sunderland’s Gilbridge Police Station.

The former officer admits he was buying cocaine from his brother at the time, to support a habit developed while grieving the death of his mother.

His wife denies knowing anything about her husband’s cocaine use, and said the only thing she supplied to friends was viagra substitute Kemagra, which is not illegal.

Thompson told Newcastle Crown Court what impact the proceedings had had on her.

“It has been the worst experience of my life to find myself here, fighting for my family, everything I have worked for, everything I have put together,” she said.

“I find the whole lot being destroyed just for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

“It petrifies me.”

The couple, from Dipton, both deny conspiracy to supply class A drugs. Thompson denies misconduct in public office and possession of cocaine.