Fly-tipper fined more than £3,500 after rubbish dumped in Sunderland

Edward Gill was seen dragging wheelie bins containing waste along a Hendon street.
Edward Gill was seen dragging wheelie bins containing waste along a Hendon street.

A fly-tipper has been fined for than £3,500 for offences in Sunderland.

Edward Gill had already been arrested twice for fly-tipping offences and had bailed to appear at Sunderland Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

The Echo is continuing to run its Clean Streets campaign.

The Echo is continuing to run its Clean Streets campaign.

But when he failed to turn up at court, he was hit with a bill of £3,716.10 in his absence.

The case against Gill, of Tower Street West, Hendon, was brought by Sunderland City Council, who prosecuted him for four offences. He had been previously found guilty in his absence on March 6.

The court had heard how on November 9 last year, council officers had seen workers at The Ivy Leaf Club undertaking clearance works and depositing building and trade waste into household and domestic recycling bins. One of the men was identified as Gill.

When he was interviewed under caution, Gill said he had carried out work at the club but denied putting the waste into household bins. He also refused to give details about the men he was working with.

On December 25, Gill was identified as removing a sofa from an address in Tower Street, Hendon, and then depositing it in the rear land of Bambro Street and Buddle Terrace.

He was requested to attend an interview to assist with the investigation into the sofa but failed to engage with the Environmental Enforcement Officer's investigation or attend the interview.

As a result of the investigation, Gill was also required to produce a copy of his Waste Carrier Licence in accordance with Section 5 of the Control of Pollution (Amendments) Act 1989 and a copy of his Waste Information Forms in accordance with Section 35(6) of the Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2011 relating to the transfer and transportation of waste from the Ivy Leaf Club, Suffolk Street, Hendon on November 9 November. However, he failed to provide any waste documentation.

Further enquiries by the council, confirmed that Gill does not carry a relevant Waste Carrier Licence, neither is there a permit which allows him to transport waste in which he produces as part of his business activity.

The agency also confirmed there is no environmental permit in place to the rear lane of Buddle Terrace and Bambro Street, Hendon, which would allow the deposit of a sofa in this location.

Magistrates, who had heard the prosecution details previously and convicted Gill in his absence, fined him for the offences based on an assumed weekly income of £440.

Gill was found guilty of operating a regulated facility in breach of Regulation 12(1) of The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016, namely the disposal of waste without an environmental permit; failure to produce waste information which he is under a duty to keep as a transferee of controlled waste within a specified time period; failure to produce his authority for transporting waste by producing his Waste Carrier Licence and knowingly causing controlled waste, namely a sofa, to be deposited on land in respect of which no environmental permit authorising the deposit was in force.

Coun Amy Wilson, Sunderland City Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: "Thanks to the work of the council’s enforcement team and public vigilance, we’re continuing to secure more convictions against people and businesses who think it’s okay to leave waste wherever they like.

"Well, it isn’t okay and these latest convictions show that fly-tipping in our city is unacceptable, illegal and must not be tolerated.

"I would encourage anyone with information to report fly-tipping immediately and if we all work together we can help stop it."

The Echo continues to run its Clean Streets campaign urging residents to play their part in tackling litter and fly-tipping in the city.

People can report fly-tipping at or on 0191 520 5550.