Fighter punched plain-clothed police officer in alleyway

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A MAN fighting with his brother in a Washington alleyway punched a plain-clothed police officer who tried to separate them.

Kieron Kennedy, 18, and his brother were sorting out their differences in a back alley off Front Street, Concord, on March 28, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Paul Doney said a plain-clothed officer spotted the pair squaring up to each other near the Sir William Wessyngton pub at 7.55pm.

“He has gone up to the defendant and taken hold of his arm,” Mr Doney said. “He then felt a blow to his face.”

The officer suffered a cut and swelling to the inside of his lower lip and a chipped tooth.

Kennedy, of Bristol Avenue, Donwell, Washington, admitted assaulting a police officer.

Philippa Wylie, defending, said: “Tempers frayed and he and his brother went into an alleyway, out of the way of the public’s view to have an altercation as brothers often do. Two strange men came into the alleyway. He hasn’t realised they were police officers and he has taken exception to them intervening.”

He will be sentenced on May 12.