Fiancé harassed former girlfriend after she cancelled their wedding

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A JILTED fiancé harassed his ex-girlfriend after she called off their wedding.

Adrian Shrubb told Sunderland Magistrates Court he spent thousands wooing the woman.

But after she ended their relationship he began turning up at her house and following her on the way to work.

Full-time carer Shrubb admitted one charge of harassment. Prosecutor Paul Doney said the offence took place between May 1 and June 15.

When the victim first complained to police, 53-year-old Shrubb was issued with a harassment order, preventing him from contacting her or going to her home address, but the following day. he passed a letter to one of her friends.

He was arrested and bailed, said Mr Doney, but the pestering continued.

“At 8.10am on June 14, the injured party was walking home from work when she saw the defendant driving towards her in a car.

“He got out of the vehicle and she was concerned for her safety and started to walk away from the defendant. He said ‘I don’t care what happens, I will not leave you alone. It is worth doing Durham for.’

“At 7.35am on June 15, still scared, she decided to drive to work.

“As she turned on to Toll Bar Road, she saw the defendant’s car parked at the end of the road, and saw the defendant standing next to a tree on Toll Bar road, which is the cut she used to walk through. He was carrying a gift bag.”

That night, Shrubb went to her house, rang the door bell and left the bag hanging from her front door.

When he was arrested, Shrubb, a former court security worker, from Mowbray Road, Sunderland admitted he had been issued with a harassment order, but said he had not read it. Jason Smith, mitigating, said the couple were due to get married when “out of the blue”, she called the relationship off.

He said: “Mr Shrubb had spent his life savings doing up her garden and arranging for their honeymoon, and had given her money for a wedding dress and bought a wedding ring. Everything was going swimmingly, and out of the blue, without any form of warning whatsoever, she stopped it without any form of explanation.

“The relationship had been absolutely fantastic. They got on really well, and had a lot of fun going on a lot of holidays.

“She has spent time with his family and he had spent time with hers. Everything had gone very well indeed.

“Only a couple of weeks ago, they were supposed to get married. The bolt out of the blue was a very difficult situation for Mr Shrubb to accept and understand.”

Magistrates fined him £110 and imposed three-month restraining order. He was also ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £40 court costs.