Family plea after gatherings in memory of tragic teen Taylor Bowe lead to arrests for anti-social behaviour

Taylor Bowe with dad Thomas.
Taylor Bowe with dad Thomas.

The family of teen Taylor Bowe who died suddenly are asking people not to hold vigils or be "disrespectful" to his memory after a number of people were arrested at gatherings for anti-social behaviour.

Fifteen-year-old Taylor died on Monday at his home in Dunscar, Houghton, despite the efforts of the Great North Air Ambulance crew.

It is not yet known how he died, with the results of a post-mortem examination having not yet been released.

A number of vigil and remembrance events in Taylor's memory have been organised by his friends, but following reports of abuse, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour relating to these events police have arrested a number of people.

Mum Bronia, 49, dad Thomas, 51, and sister Alex, 27, have been left devastated by the loss of Taylor and asked people to stop holding such events and let them organise his funeral in peace.

In a statement on Facebook Taylor's dad Thomas said: "As Taylor's father I would just like say that I am saddened by the trouble caused at these events held for my son's memory and find it disrespectful.

"I know it is only the minority but please stop.

"We as a family are asking you not to hold anymore events and let us organise his funeral in peace without having to worry about what other people are doing.

"We want him to be remembered for the kind, caring and loving boy he was, not because of the trouble associated with his name.

"Please respect our wishes."

Mum Bronia added: "We want the friends who's lives he had touched, who meant something to him and those he knew personally to be able to attend his funeral."

Family of tragic teen Taylor Bowe 'overwhelmed' by messages of support

Northumbria Police reported that huge numbers of people have turned out to show their respects to Taylor, but following a number of incidents following the gatherings, the force is reminding people to be respectful and avoid causing anti-social behaviour and damage.

Neighbourhood Inspector Denise Townsley from Northumbria Police said: “We understand that people will want to pay their respects to Taylor, but there have been a concerning amounts of reports following these events which have been organised on social media and via word of mouth.

"There have been reports of abuse, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour and we have arrested a number of people in connection with this.

“We would encourage people to be respectful at the events and remember their friend in a positive manner.

"If anyone has any information or would like to report anti-social behaviour they should contact Northumbria Police on 101."