Family fear pet has been snatched by dog-nappers

LOVING OWNER: Eddie Gibbon with Logan.
LOVING OWNER: Eddie Gibbon with Logan.
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A FAMILY fear their rescue pet has been snatched after he went missing on a walk.

Helen and Eddie Gibbon, from Usworth in Washington, are devastated after their six-year-old whippet cross Logan disappeared on Wednesday, June 18.

Since then they have put up more than 900 posters, taken their search online and searched throughout their neighbourhood.

Mobile hairdresser Helen, 45, has spent up to four hours a day checking rehoming sites and other pages in the hope of spotting her dog, which they took on from a rescue centre a year ago.

Eddie, 46, who is a youth worker with Gateshead Council, has travelled as far as Yorkshire to check on potential sightings of Logan, with others reported in Durham, Glossop and Scotland.

The couple fear their dog, who is microchipped, has been stolen and have found no trace of him at shelters or news of an accident involving the dog.

Helen, who is stepmum to Eddie’s daughter Charlotte, 22, believes Logan may have been stolen because of similar incidents across the country.

And she says their remaining pets, retriever-collie cross Lucy, seven, and cats Sookie, two, and Jessie, 18 months, are pining for Logan’s return.

She said: “The others really miss him and in the first few weeks after he went missing, Sookie would come to the door when I got back as if to say have you got him yet.

“I’ve been so down since it happened, we’ve been looking and looking for him and I just wish he would come out of the bushes.

“He was a rescue dog and this was supposed to be his forever home and I feel as if we’ve let him down.

“It’s been seven weeks and I alternate between thinking someone will recognise him or he’s been taken out of the area.

“You hear awful stories about dog baiting.

“We just hope someone spots and recognises him as ours.”

Logan, who is white with a brown left ear and a brown spot on his right ear, was wearing a black collar with silver bone shaped studs, and a silver heart-shaped tag with name and contact details when he went missing.

More than 900 people have liked the couple’s Find Logan Facebook and they have also put his details online via

Anyone with information is asked to call the Gibbons via 417 5189 or 07718 203 709.